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After dark

Kent, Minka2023
Afton Teachout has been an outcast in her small town for twenty years - ever since she was accused of murdering her mother's lover in a blackout fit of rage. That is, if one believes the malicious lies.Living with her grandmother, working a hotel night shift, and relying on pills to get a day's s...
List view record 2: All we could still have : a novelList view anchor tag for record 2: All we could still have : a novel
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List view record 3: Angel's wishList view anchor tag for record 3: Angel's wish
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Angel's wish

Newberry, Sheila2023
Suffolk, 1924. After the death of her fiance in the field hospitals of France, Angel becomes nurse to the MacDonald family in the small village of Uffasham. Taking residence at the appropriately named Angel Inn, she is met by many new faces - and old ones, too. Edith, a fellow nurse from the war,...
List view record 4: Arctic sunList view anchor tag for record 4: Arctic sun
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Arctic sun

Grimwood, Jack, 1953-2023
Kola Peninsula, 1987. High in the Soviet Arctic, a tiny village houses an apocalyptic secret. When research zoologist Dr Amelia Blackburn ventures north to investigate the ravages of the Chernobyl reactor meltdown, she stumbles on the evidence of another sinister disaster on the Norway-Russia bor...
List view record 5: Assistant to the villainList view anchor tag for record 5: Assistant to the villain
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Assistant to the villain

Maehrer, Hannah Nicole2023
With ailing family to support, Evie Sage's employment status isn't just important, it's vital. So when a mishap with Rennedawn's most infamous villain results in a job offer - naturally, she says yes. No job is perfect, of course, but even less so when you develop a teeny crush on your terrifying...
List view record 6: The ball at VersaillesList view anchor tag for record 6: The ball at Versailles
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The ball at Versailles

Steel, Danielle2023
An invitation to the most glamorous social event of 1958, the Ball at Versailles, was the stuff of dreams for many young women looking to 'marry well'. Amelia, Caroline, Samantha and Felicity all see the ball as an outdated tradition, but agree to fly to Paris to please their excited parents.
List view record 7: A billion-dollar heir for ChristmasList view anchor tag for record 7: A billion-dollar heir for Christmas
List view record 8: BlightList view anchor tag for record 8: Blight
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Carlisle, Tom2023
Here is an atmospheric horror novel about people disappearing in a small, claustrophobic village and whispers of a terrifying local legend called the tall man.
List view record 9: Blood debtList view anchor tag for record 9: Blood debt
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Blood debt

Wood, Tom, 1978-2023
To make amends for past mistakes, the enigmatic assassin known only as Victor is now in servitude to the world's most dangerous criminal enterprise, the Russian Mafia. Although a hired gun without loyalties, Victor never picks a fight he cannot win so he intends to pay off his debt, however long ...
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List view record 10: Blow upList view anchor tag for record 10: Blow up
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Blow up

Crosby, Ellen, 1953-2023
International photojournalist Sophie Medina usually works in war zones and natural disaster sites, but when a high-flying friend offers her a commission photographing his country house, she reluctantly accepts. It's a mistake. Former Secretary of State Quill's been keeping secrets. Secrets that a...
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